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Our Mission

Local. Flexible. Reliable.

Our Story

Airtight IT Solutions is the local service branch of Droege Computing Services.  In business for over 3 decades, DCS has been a supplier of custom software, database applications, and IT service/support for a myriad of industries and business in the NC triangle.

As a company, our vision is one of quality and longevity.  We aim to enable our clients to succeed both in the short and long term.  Our small size enables us to quickly and easily pivot with the needs of our clients as the IT industry continues to evolve.

What sets Airtight IT Solutions apart from other support providers is not just our knowledge and expertise, but our desire to see each client as an individual entity, with a unique set of hurdles to be addressed and goals to achieve.  We've never been a fan of the 'one size fits all' approach.  We have no locked-in support tiers or repackaged proprietary hardware.  Just the best recommendations and support/maintenance we can provide, with a level of transparency that shows we stand by our work.

Experienced Leadership

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